TERM 3 - 2018





1 May

The Alhambra Palace

Ros Emms


8 May

Pakistan: Living and Working as a Volunteer

Sr. Cynthia Griffin


15 May

Trying to Stay Healthy

Dr Graham Talbot


22 May


Janet Weir



29 May


Growing Up In China

Ruth Grant


5 June

Towards an Asbestos Free Australia

Gloria Hinks


12 June

Music That Exhilarates

Colin Macdonald


19 June

Australian Film and TV

Don Barker (retired actor)

Don has appeared in a number of television series including Homicide, Division 4 and in films such as Gallipoli, Rabbit-Proof Fence.


26 June

Western France and Provence

Elizabeth Caldicott


3 July

Growing Up With The Aircraft Industry

Henry O’Brien