TERM 1 - 2019





5 Feb.

Christa Kinnear, Phil Hoffman Travel




12 Feb.


Asst. Prof. Victor Gostin



19 Feb.

The Pretenders:  Bonnie Prince Charlie

Sue Garforth



26 Feb.

Life in Law

Barry Jennings



5 March

Technology for Aged and Disabled

Ian Beaton



12 March


Justice Issues

Dr Robert Moles



19 March

How did the Afghan Cameleers Shape our State

Pamela Rajkowski



20 March


Old Treasury Building and Tunnels.

Victoria Square, Adelaide

11.00am start



26 March

Ancient Egypt

Michael O’Donoghue



2 April

Russian Icons

Sr. Cynthia Griffen



9 April

The Pretenders :

Anastasia – daughter of the Russian Tsar

Sue Garforth